Schedule of events, workshops and seminars.

October 11, 2005. UCC Global Standards Management Process status report, Product Availability/Vendor Managed Inventory (852) schema review, Freight Invoice (210) schema review and promoting the use of FIDX standards throughout the industry.

March 7, 2003.  A full agenda will be the order of the day. There will be reports to bring everyone up to date on work done by other committees, as well as System Vendors who will inform the group of their current status.

September 20, 2002. Working group meeting in Dallas, Texas. Report on the UCC/RosettaNet merger, Inventory Inquiry and Advice Status schema, and continuing bar code standards.

May 17, 2002.  Report on working group meeting at the UCC Princeton, NJ headquarters. modification of existing schemas to conform with UCC requirements, New Inventory Inquiry and Advice schema, Proposed Product Catalog schema revision, Customer Schema,  and B2B Presentations

January 28, 2002. Review of the UCC approval status, presentation of the UCC128 barcode process, review of the Order Status, Order Status Inquiry and Envelope schemas.

December 6, 2001. The purpose of this meeting will be to review the follow-up work done on the 869 & 870 Order Status (request and response). We will also follow-up with the envelope and functional acknowledgment and proposing a vote be taken for acceptance. This meeting will also include a second round to the bar code discussion.

September 20, 2001.  The FIDX working group will meet at the Holiday Inn, Little Rock Road, Charlotte, NC. This meeting will be to cover the 869 & 870, and well as the PO Ack and the envelope. We will be opening discussion on the issue of bar code standardization at this meeting as well.

July 24, 2001. A FIDX XML working group met  July 24, 2001. This workgroup  reviewed and approved the Invoice, ASN and PO Acknowledgment schemas as presented by Committee 5, 6 and 7. The meeting was held at the Charlotte/Douglas airport in Charlotte, NC at the Aero/Boeing conference room between 9 and 4. FIDX wishes to express our gratitude to the individuals and companies represented at that meeting.